Perfect live at Pachyderm cassette, 1996

8 Nov

As far as straight-ahead ROCK AND ROLL is concerned, this tape takes the sweepstakes winnings to the bank. “Live at Pachyderm” was a series used for radio broadcast, and this was recorded at the legendary studio in Southern Minnesota with a cadre of friends in tow. I can’t believe that I don’t hear more Perfect on the radio or hear them talked about in the pantheon of Minnesota Rock more often. Sure, the band featured Tommy Stinson somewhere between Bash and Pop, The Replacements, and Guns & Roses, but this band was really a GREAT Rock n Roll band all themselves too, and should be regarded as such.  A lot has been said about the delay to their full-length, I’ll just say that the music speaks for itself. A good dose of Power Pop in the arrangements endears this tape to me a bit more than a lot of mid-90s rock. I remember Medium Cool label honcho Peter Jesperson was very excited about the future prospect of Perfect at the time (his enthusiasm continues to be infectious!) , thanks to Peter for giving me the green light to put these two tracks here.

Makes Me Happy

Negative Feedback (not on either Perfect CDs) 

Crocodile Rock 


One Response to “Perfect live at Pachyderm cassette, 1996”

  1. Dave December 4, 2010 at 4:42 pm #

    Wow, “Negative Feedback” is awesome! Thanks for this…

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