The Clams live at Rock-It Records cassette, Nov 1986

31 Aug

NOTHING was more fun than a show by The Clams. Cindy, Karen, Patty, & Roxie could rock the house, and together they had so much character. The Clams were a perfect example of “the sum being greater than the parts”- exactly what a great Rock n Roll band should be. I missed their reunion show a few years back, and I’m regretting it now- what was I thinking?!?. Rock-It Records was in the space that Muddy Waters once occupied (Lyndale & 24th).- this performance was in the store for the grand opening celebration. Thanks to Cindy Lawson for saying “Sure You Can” when I asked if I could put these raw early Clams tracks up for you to hear.

ADDED NOTES: please TURN UP THE BASS on these tracks so you can hear Patty! Kim the sound person was getting the levels set during “Cherry Bomb”, please excuse the minor technical issues here.

Cherry Bomb (with 1-minute intro of gig ambience)

Monthly Bill

Student Loan

One Response to “The Clams live at Rock-It Records cassette, Nov 1986”

  1. D.Terry December 10, 2018 at 7:49 pm #

    My cousin Roxie and I jammed in her bedroom when I was 17. She gave me a Sears electric guitar which lead to many others. Nice to hear the band she was part of!

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