three different Shapeshifter cassettes 1993-1995

28 Aug

Ahhh, Shapeshifter. The name conjures up many a freewheeling evening, of which Chris Strouth put it best into words with the liner notes inside the “Redeyed” compilation CD of ’90s Minnesota Shoegaze hits (you can find that one for sale on this site- happy hunting!). These guys all became great friends during that period right before my marriage & quickly-subsequent fatherhood; it all seems a few lifetimes ago. But what

great times, and what great music! I’ve always loved Terry’s drumming- such a great feel, and such a sweet guy. Shapeshifter were a personal favorite, and one Christine & I will always remember fondly. Thanks to Tim Ritter for giving me the go-ahead to post there here for you.

Low Profile (unreleased 2nd single- 1995)

Shimmy (Burr-Holland sessions- 1994)

Oblivious to The Obvious (first four-song tape- 1993)


One Response to “three different Shapeshifter cassettes 1993-1995”

  1. Drol si Yort August 29, 2010 at 6:11 pm #

    Full disclosure. These guys were long time friends before this band was formed, but they are still one of my favorite all time Twin Cities bands. Great guitars, hard drums, tasty bass and a great front man.

    I was stoked to see them do a performance at Paul’s 40th a few years back.

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