Sacred Order- Milwaukee’s finest, second demo tape, 1984

28 Aug

Notorious for all the right reasons, Sacred Order were the real deal back in 1984, and judging from recent YouTube clips, they still are. I got to see ’em live in Minneapolis & Milwaukee back in the day, & have very vivid memories hanging out at a club called Niko’s south of Downtown Milwaukee. Knowing his politics, I got a raised eyebrow & a smirk when I met Tim Yohannon while I was wearing my hand-made Sacred Order t-shirt. This cassette rocks hard, and you should go to myspace & find the band to buy their 25th anniversary CD.  Thanks to Peter Davis for turning me onto these guys, and to Mykel Podolak for allowing me to post these tracks here.

I.H.E. (I call it Everything Dies)

International House of DEATH

Ollie Scooba (I Love Alice Cooper)

One Response to “Sacred Order- Milwaukee’s finest, second demo tape, 1984”

  1. Jason Parker December 16, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    From the great MKEPUNK website:
    pretty much everything!

    great band, i guess they still play reunions every now and then

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