ZuZu’s Petals 1990-1991 three different sessions/cassettes

20 Aug

When I released the first Zu Zu’s Petals single, I was at the top of my game promotion-wise. That single got SO MUCH PRESS  worldwide that I figured I had a future putting out records. Of course I didn’t- time is fickle to record company lackeys, and I ended up jumping ship for a distribution job which surprisingly lasted 12 years (ADA). ZuZu’s Petals DID make the best of it, and put out two fine CDs for Twin/Tone, a dream many of us had back then. Laurie’s book about the ZZP-era is a captivating read.

Many of the songs on these three early cassettes ended up on ZuZu’s Petals’ first CD, which came out in 1992, including “Madrid”, which was (of course) re-recorded. “Categories” did not, and neither did their version of “Brand New Key”, which ZZP demo-ed a couple of times. Interesting funny note: all three tapes include a different version of “Jackals” which eventually closed out their first CD, and the title of the song is spelled differently on each tape! Thanks so much to Laurie Lindeen for giving me permission to put there here for you to enjoy.

Madrid (1-91 cassette)

Categories (5-91 cassette)

Brand New Key (9-90 cassette)


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