Irenic Regime “In the Basement” cassette 1/17/83

19 Aug

Irenic Regime featured John Freeman, post-Outpatience & pre-Magnolias. I saw ’em play a couple of times, coincidentally onetime was  in a basement at one of those hardcore parties in Minneapolis oh so long ago. I’ve played this cassette many times, and I’ve always loved it. It is the one tape I’ve got to so far in my 2010 excavation that isn’t doing too well, so I’ve put a call out to a few folks (perhaps you yourself can help?) to see if they have a healthier cassette copy of this . I did get three songs to play pretty well off of my well-worn tape, if I get a batter copy, I’ll replace these postings. These songs still sound fresh, and they’re going on 28 years old. Wow. Thanks to John Freeman for allowing me to post these tracks- I’ve been a fan of his songs since the beginning of time it seems.

Marching Feet

Stop The Bombs

Dead End Street


One Response to “Irenic Regime “In the Basement” cassette 1/17/83”

  1. Drew Miller August 20, 2010 at 11:45 pm #

    99% certain I have a copy too. Lemme know when you want me to dig into that box.

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