AMX (a/k/a Material Issue) cassette 1996

2 Aug

Jim Ellison of Material Issue gave me a three-song cassette under the name AMX at the afterparty for Urge Overkill’s last show in Chicago in 1996 (before UO’s eventual reuniting). He wanted to have me put out a 45 under a pseudonym. Unfortunately, Jim died soon after. Two of the songs on the tape made it onto Material Issue’s posthumous Rykodisc CD, one is unreleased.


Quicksand (unreleased)

What if I Killed Your Boyfriend?

One Response to “AMX (a/k/a Material Issue) cassette 1996”

  1. Jim Hoffmann (Author) August 5, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    Jim Ellison, “Jimmy,” as he was known to me way back at Marquardt Middle School in Glendale Heights, Illinois, was a good friend. We laughed a lot – it was hard not to with his infectious smile and sense of humor. I always will remember you old buddy…

    (Johnny – you were sure lucky to have known him so well.)

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