The Blue Up 1985-1986 from demo cassettes

31 Jul

The Blue Up is just about the only band I ever offered my bass-playing services to. Not very good at bass, I just wanted to see the band continue, so I dreamed up a scheme to get out of Minnesota during the winter- I’d book a tour of the south & California if it was OK with Rachel Olson, the leader of the band. I had a great time helping The Blue Up put out their debut 45 “We Are the Garden” & the 12″ EP “Now!” That was produced by Grant Hart & also licensed for German release to the Still Sane label. Hanging around Carolyn Rush, Renee Bracci, Sally Sweet & Rachel was a blast. Rachel was one smart cookie, so she turned me down. Oh well, another Minnesota winter I had to endure, and the band went into an early hiatus. They of course rose again & executed some memorable live performances, released the wonderful CDs “Cake & Eat It” & “Spool Forka Dish”, before Rachel became Ana Voog going solo. The track “3000 People” is from the band’s first five-song demo tape, recorded in 1985 at Neil Thorgrimson’s 8-track studio. This session also produced two songs for the band’s first 45. “Lady Next Door” was recorded in 1986 by Grant Hart at Nicollet Studios. This nine-song session generated five songs for the “Now!” 12″ EP- this is an unreleased outtake.

Thanks to Ana Voog for permission to post these tracks- I ran into her last summer & she was doing great!

3000 People (1985)

Lady Next Door (1986)

3 Responses to “The Blue Up 1985-1986 from demo cassettes”

  1. ana voog August 1, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    so weird to hear this again. kinda makes me a bit embarrassed but also smile a little. ah, to be 19 again and not know how to sing or play an instrument yet, but trying so earnestly to do so.

    • Dennis Dalcin August 11, 2010 at 9:15 pm #

      Anna you & the Blue Up were Great!! I was honored to have you in my magazine and on my comp LP!! What are you doing now music-wise?

      • Ana Clara Voog January 12, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

        if you see this email me at : sorry to reply to you years later, but i did not see your comment until now 🙂

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