Minnesota Record Show 9-4 Sat Aug 9 @ The Ballantine VFW Hall, 2916 Lyndale Av. S, in Minneapolis

1 Jan

You never know who’s going to show up! (Above) Jimmy Page & Lynn Zecca at the Kensington Olympia Record Show in London.

You can buy records from gojohnnygo- live in the flesh-at these upcoming events:

Minnesota Record Show 9AM-4PM Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at The Ballantine VFW Hall, 2916 Lyndale Av. S, in Minneapolis

MSP Music Expo 10AM-4PM Sunday, September 28th, 2014 at The Ramada Plaza, 1330 Industrial Blvd., Minneapolis

Rochester, MN Music Expo 10AM-4PM Sunday, sometime fall 2014 at Best Western Plus Soldiers Field, 401 6th St SW, Rochester, MN

Sound + Vision Collectibles Show 9AM-3PM Saturday, sometime fall 2014 at Valley Creek Mall, Valley Creek Road & Wier Dr., Woodbury, MN

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David Koresh: Voice of Fire, 1994

30 Jul


What can you say about David Koresh……..hmmm, I guess you can fill in the blanks. These recordings were found after his death, it looks as though his claim to fame is that Timothy McVeigh & Terry Nichols found inspiration from him while planning the Oklahoma Bombings. Wow what a winner…..Well if like “bizarre” this is it.

The Book of Daniel




Hicks, Dylan & Three Pesos 7″ single, 1992

30 Jul

hicksThis is the debut release for the Indie Pop group, the sleeve was hand colored by Dylan. The song was later recorded for “No Alterntive” records.


KFAI: Sonic Pleasure 7/14/2014

23 Jul


This is a really cool show from our own and beloved indie station KFAI! Follow the link click on the 7/14/2014 show and get ready for a huge treat!!!!!!

Sonic Pleasure focuses on rock, garage rock, psychedelic, and electronic fusion from all over the globe!

Dutch Oven: Whammy b/w Ellen, 1992

23 Jul

Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven presents themselves as Indie rock from Minneapolis and this piece of vinyl was the only one released on the Prospective label. “Whammy” has a few interesting elements to it: Part Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, part garage band and just the right amount of lazy. It reminds me of one those of Neil Young song’s where at first listen you are thinking to yourself “was that guitar note out of tune?” and then you realized that either way it doesn’t matter, it works.


Mary Ellen

Buy it here! http://gojohnnygo.com/as_for-sale&product_category=447&productID=107180

A Soviet Agent’s Report to the Kremlin on America Advertising

23 Jul

KremlinNot exactly Monty Python, not exactly Lawrence Welk. Not exactly something most people would listen to on a Friday or Saturday night but, if you have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night why not.

Part One

Part Two


Autumn Leaves: When I Close My Eyes b/w The Sphere of Ocean Tides, 1994

16 Jul

Autumn leavesPsychedelic Indie Pop from right here in Minneapolis, MN. This is the band’s debut release with the Prospective label, cat# 599, 7″ single.

They have been around since 1994, but their debut LP, “Treats and Treasures” only came out in 1997. The band followed up with “The Twilight Hours of The Autumn Leaves” in 2002 and have appeared in a number of compilations. The band features mainstay singer/songwriter David Beckey

When I Close My Eyes The Sphere of ocean Tides




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