Minnesota Record Show 9-4 Sat Aug 9 @ The Ballantine VFW Hall, 2916 Lyndale Av. S, in Minneapolis

1 Jan

You never know who’s going to show up! (Above) Jimmy Page & Lynn Zecca at the Kensington Olympia Record Show in London.

You can buy records from gojohnnygo- live in the flesh-at these upcoming events:

Minnesota Record Show 9AM-4PM Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at The Ballantine VFW Hall, 2916 Lyndale Av. S, in Minneapolis

MSP Music Expo 10AM-4PM Sunday, September 28th, 2014 at The Ramada Plaza, 1330 Industrial Blvd., Minneapolis

Rochester, MN Music Expo 10AM-4PM Sunday, sometime fall 2014 at Best Western Plus Soldiers Field, 401 6th St SW, Rochester, MN

Sound + Vision Collectibles Show 9AM-3PM Saturday, sometime fall 2014 at Valley Creek Mall, Valley Creek Road & Wier Dr., Woodbury, MN

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Autumn Leaves: When I Close My Eyes b/w The Sphere of Ocean Tides, 1994

16 Jul

Autumn leavesPsychedelic Indie Pop from right here in Minneapolis, MN. This is the band’s debut release with the Prospective label, cat# 599, 7″ single.

They have been around since 1994, but their debut LP, “Treats and Treasures” only came out in 1997. The band followed up with “The Twilight Hours of The Autumn Leaves” in 2002 and have appeared in a number of compilations. The band features mainstay singer/songwriter David Beckey

When I Close My Eyes The Sphere of ocean Tides



Deep Shag: Always a Turn On b/w Hey You, 1994

9 Jul

Deep Shag

Indie Grunge Pop from Minneapolis and this being the first release from the band. This band also features  John “Landing Gear” Hunt, who has gone on to work with the Sundazed company doing artwork for the label. 500 copies were presses of this little gem, Cat# 603.



Hey You

Always a Turn On

Azalia Snail: Into Your World b/w Warm Front 1993

9 Jul


Psychedelic Indie Pop from New York City which has absolutely nothing to do with Salsa! This is their fourth release; the band went on to become Sub-Pop recording artists.
The Prospective label were very happy to have pressed 900 copies of this spicey recording, Cat# 584….


Light a candle, grab some munchies and enjoy!

Into Your World

Warm Front

ST-37: Gypsy’s Curse b/w Crab Nebula, 1993

3 Jul

gypsy's cursePsychedelic Space punk straight out of Texas and like Texas this is huge. Very “out there” without boring you to tears like some bands tend to do with this genre. This is their third release for Prospective, cat# 595, in which 700 copies were pressed. Follow this link to score a copy of this “must have” piece of vinyl.  http://gojohnnygo.com/as_for-sale&product_category=447&productID=165358

Gypsy’s Curse

Crab Nebula

The Mystery Surfers ‘White Bear Surf’

2 Jul

I found these songs on some recordable acetate 78RPM records. They came in the GJG retail store in White Bear Lake. Nobody knows who are on these recordings. Sound quality is “warts and all”. Band and album titles courtesy of me!

Blog78LabelOuter Limits/Twist and Shout

Medley: Blue Moon/Wipe Out/Pipeline

Outer Limits #2

Outer Limits #3

Outer Limits #4

Billy the Monster b/w Black & White Days 1993

28 Jun

billymonster  Psychedelic Garage Rock from Madison, Wi. This is the 4th release from the band in which 700 copies were pressed for the Prospective label; cat# 593 of which only two remain in stock here at GoJohnnyGo. http://gojohnnygo.com/as_for-sale&product_category=447&productID=121722

If you own a copy you are one of the beautiful people, if not order one of the two remaining copies!

Billy the Monster

Black and White Days


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